Dinosaur Valley State Park

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Texas is known for cowboys and cattle but did you know that dinosaurs also once trekked through this land and just happened to leave behind their footprints? Dinosaur Valley State Park takes you back millions of years through history while also giving you the ultimate experience in camping under the stars, swimming and fishing along the river, and horseback riding just to begin with. There’s so much more to see and do here that you’ll forget you are in the Lone Star State.

A short drive from Fort Worth, you’ll find Dinosaur Valley State Park just four miles west of the beautiful Glen Rose area. Open daily, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.; you can expect the busiest season between March and November. If visiting the park during their busy months consider making a reservation.


Walk a Mile in Their Tracks

Dinosaur Valley State Park is home to two types of dinosaur tracks. Sauropod tracks and Theropod tracks are found within five separate sites throughout the park. Of the five sites in the park, the largest is The Ballroom site because it appears dinosaurs used this particular area to “dance”, as evident by the many directions of tracks found here. Don’t forget the other four sites, The Main Ledge, The Overlook, Track Site Four, and The Bend Site.


Many people come to roam the area in search of dinosaur tracks that have outlasted millions of landscape changes but many more come to enjoy the natural backdrop as they enjoy camping under the stars. Take your pick of campsites complete with electric and water to those that require a bit of a hike for a more primitive experience. Visitors can choose the experience they want to have.


Swimming in the Paluxy River is a popular pastime for visitors looking to stay cool while touring Dinosaur Valley State Park.Take a refreshing dip at any one of the isolated pools during summer months.


There’s a lot more to do here than you could have imagined with over 20 miles of trails throughout Dinosaur Valley State Park. If you love horseback riding along primitive landscapes then you’ll love knowing you can bring your horse and explore the 100-acre South Primitive Area. This is the perfect place to enjoy all the nature you can handle from atop your horseback.

Mountain Biking

When it comes to finding the perfect location to experience awesome mountain bike trails that offer beautiful scenery and rugged trails then check out Dinosaur Valley State Park. Feel the burn with all the ups and downs, twists and turns offered here. As a rule of safety, try to have an experienced biker accompany you on this trail to ensure you do not get lost.

Know Before You Go

To ensure the best experience you should know that The Overlook site is closed and Track Site Four has given way to erosion. The best time of year to see these magnificent tracks is late summer when water levels are low but keep in mind this is Texas and it can become extremely hot in areas like this. Carry plenty of bottle water, suntan lotion, and bug spray. Pets are leash permitted.

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