Been to any great outdoor spots in Texas lately? Wanna share your findings? TrekTexas would love to publish your photos or written articles if you’d like to share. It’s important to keep our standard of quality so please be sure to read our style guide before submitting.


We’re always open to meeting new writers and looking for outdoor adventure experts with writing chops. We ask our authors to commit to a few articles and adhere to the writing style guide. We also have our writers submit a short bio with photo for the author page and go though the Google+ Authorship setup steps. If you’re interested in writing for TrekTexas send an email to

  • Writing Style Guidelines – Read over this to understand the voice of TrekTexas with research and writing tips to help your submission get approved for publication.
  • Content Template – Write every article starting from this template to assure you’ve covered all the important elements and help us by keeping a consistent format.

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