Bergheim Campground and River Outfitter

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Dogs Allowed

Looking for a relaxing float or paddle down the Guadalupe River? Come visit Bergheim Campground and River Outfitter.  Located on the Upper Guadalupe, this campground is a bit off the beaten path, making for a more peaceful experience.

This section of the river is also known as Sultenfuss Crossing, and many locals come down here to swim, and just chill out. The stretch close to Rebecca Creek Road is especially nice, as it’s more secluded.

Peak Season: May and June.  The campground does fill up during these times, so there will be other people on the river for sure, however, come during the week, even during peak season, and the crowds thin out considerably.


Tubing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Rafting

Tubes, kayaks, rafts, and canoes are all available for rent. This section of the river has two class II rapids, and all trips begin at the campground. However, there is just one trip for those tubing and rafting, and four possible trips to choose from for those kayaking or canoeing. Tube and raft trips end 3.8 miles down the river, and take 3-4 hours depending on the speed of the river, and any time spent swimming or stopping.  Kayak and canoe trips range from 3.8 miles to 14 miles.

A shuttle, pre-arranged at the campground, will pick up floaters (yep, floaters), kayakers and canoers, and transport back to the campground. To carry cell phones and other valuables, it would be a good idea to have a dry sack of some sort.  However, it’s not recommended to bring valuables or even car keys on the river. Phones and keys make good sacrifices to the river gods, but sacrifices aren’t mandatory to float the rapids, so best leave them secured elsewhere.

The campground doesn’t allow any outside tubes on the property, so just pony up the cash and rent from them.  They are reasonably priced, and the best part is that there are tubes available to accommodate a cooler or two. Hence bring a favorite beverage. Know that glass is not allowed on the river (or any Styrofoam), so keep all drinks in cans, plastic, or the infamous red solo cup (but don’t litter, so bring trash bags).


Two separate areas for RVs and primitive tent camping.  The primitive sites are pretty cushy as there are bathrooms and fire pits, just no water or electric.  If tenting, make reservations early or show up early to claim a coveted spot under the shade trees on the river.


Call head first to speak with the owners.  They are pretty open to having dogs, but must be people, as well as dog friendly, and quiet.

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