Camp Huaco Springs

Dogs Allowed

One of the largest campgrounds on Guadalupe River, and a hot spot for river tubing and rafting!

Camp Huaco Springs is the place for people looking not for a secluded nature area, but instead for a fun day on the river with others who are floating, laughing, and partying as well.



River trips go down both the Comal and Guadalupe, and range from 1.5-5 hours, so when renting tubes or rafts for the day, inquire at the rental shop on the campgrounds.  Requirements for tubing/rafting: children under 3 are not allowed on the Comal and children under 6 are not allowed on the Guadalupe.  Everyone must be able to swim in order to rent equipment, and there is no tubing after dark.  Must be out of the water 1 hour prior to dusk.

The rafts available are not to be confused with white water rafting, as the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers have only minor and all ages/skill level rapids.  The rafts available here are more like a miniature white water raft that sits singles, doubles, and small families.


There are three campgrounds to choose from for RV, tent, shelter, and cabin stays.  The main campground which is open year round has both the option of sites with electric and those without, the Double which is only primitive tent camping on or off the waterfront, and the Chute which is a smaller area with only 8 sites that is good for group camping (holds 50 people and has electric). RV sites have full hookups, and cabins and shelters have air conditioning.

Bring sunscreen and protective gear, but also know that the camp store can accommodate most of your needs as well – hats, sunscreen, water, snacks, etc.

Dogs are allowed in the RV camping only and must be under 20 lbs.  Peak season is from Memorial Day all the way to Labor Day.

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