Caddo Lake State Park

Caddo Lake, Texas by Alexander Hatley
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Bridging the northeastern gap between the Lone Star and Pelican states is Caddo Lake. This state park hosts native cypress trees, overnight camping sites and sports fishing opportunities.  A swamp plotted maze comprised of winding bayous and lakes, Caddo Lake State Park is an internationally recognized wetland. Replete with outdoor activities and accommodating cabins, this state park is a favorite destination for interstate travelers and locals.


Sport and Non-sport Fishing

You won’t hear humble locals of Harrison and Marion Counties boast or brag about one of America’s most opportunistic lakes. This naturally formed lake is the only one of its kind in the state of Texas, and divvies up excellent sport. With over 60% of the state park’s trees either submerged or above the lake, its abundant vegetation serves as an aquatic wonderland to both sport and non sport fish.

For visitors hunting for their greatest catch, Caddo Lake is home to largemouth bass fish that weigh in at over 8 lbs. Crappie serve as bait for sportsmen, while flathead catfish, blue fish, channel fish and Chain Pickerel all swim freely in their natural habitat.


Push off the boat ramps of Caddo Lake and head downstream to observe the natural beauty of the park. Boat tours are given by professional tour boat companies in the area. Locals often run the boat tours, offering visitors the opportunity to visit swampy alligator pits, take photographs of birds and landscapes in less intimidating waters and the opportunity to experience the waterways at nightfall. In some areas of the park pontoon boat and canoe rentals, as well as steamboat rides, are available to Caddo Lake State Park visitors (costs not included with state park entry or lodging/camping).

No matter how scenic boating trips may be on this waterway, all waterway navigates must beware of logs jamming the waterways of Big Cypress Bayou. Use precautions and purchase a map of the area at Caddo Lake State Park concessions or shops.


Although fishing is a major attraction of Caddo Lake State Park, camping is another outdoor activity enjoy by both locals and visitors. Pitch a tent during the cool fall months. Campsites with water, electricity and sewers are available. All campsites feature tables for outdoor dining and picnics, outdoor grills for barbecue and grilled fish lovers, and fire rings to prevent ground fires.

Caddo Lake State Park also offers renovated log cabins and overnight lodging. Popular between March and November, 2 person cabins offer an A/C unit, running water, a toilet and shower, and an outdoor picnic area with a grill for cooking. For parties with more than 2 park visitors, there are cabin options that accommodate between 4 to 6 people.

Know Before You Go

Caddo Lake State Park is a forested wetland that also harbors the human’s arch nemesis: the mosquito. All-natural, DEET-free insect repellent is highly recommended for all visitors of the park. Late March and early April, when native flowers are in bloom, are the premier months to visit the park. All boat tours have separate fees from state park entry and lodging/camping.

You don’t have to be born on the bayou to enjoy outdoor activities and camping at Caddo Lake State Park. For more information about park hours of operation during inclimate weather and current cabin rental fees, visit Texas Parks and Wildlife.

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