Colorado Bend State Park


Two hours north of the Live Music Capital of the World rests Colorado Bend State Park. Texans from all over the great state enjoy the serene beauty blossoming in the park, and are often wowed by the presence of mountain lions and black bears that appear frequently in their own natural habitat. Offering relaxing weekends filled with outdoor fun, Colorado Bend State Park is a mecca of mountain biking, cave diving, and various camping experiences.



The park offers several campsite experiences for visitors to choose from. Primitive Camping by backpack, in either the River Area or Windmill Area (only 5 miles away from the Colorado River), is available to 4 people per night, and well worth the 1 mile hike to the grounds. Neither primitive campsites have water, restrooms, nor waste bins; trash must be removed properly.

For park visitors that need to properly prep for a walk on the wild side, walk-in tent and drive-in campsites are also available. Walk-in Tent camping is located on the riverbank, and close to potable water and restrooms. Drive-In campsites allow RV camping for a fee per night, and gives visitors access to BBQ grills, picnic tables, a fire ring, and restrooms.

Mountain Biking

With a combined area of 26 miles, there are several trails weaving through the park. Many of the unnamed trails are considered beginner to intermediate level trails, and available for use throughout the day. The Gorman Falls Trail is the fastest way to get to the grandiose landscapes boasted by Colorado Bend. Featuring a a bevy of juniper trees and tiny rocks to wheel over Lemons Ridge Pass is among the easiest trails to ride.

Ranger Programs

Touring Colorado Bend State Park with a knowledgeable guide elevates park visitors’ experiences as they are encouraged to learn more about the area. The Gorman Falls Tour is among the most treasured park features, lasting up to two hours. This tour takes visitors on a 1.5 mile hiking trip to see waterfalls and lush flora.

Spelunking during the Wild Cave Tours is another highlight of the Colorado Bend State Park Ranger Program. The canyons are mysteriously hidden jewels of wonder lying beneath the Colorado Bend. Crawl into the depths of the park’s canyons to discover native wildlife and unseen ecosystems.

Know Before You Go

Active Texans that want to focus on a relaxing getaway will enjoy the low key trails for hiking and mountain biking, primitive camping, and guided tours. Colorado Bend State Park is ideal for Spring and Summer visits, its peak times, and can be enjoyed seven days a week, year-round. An entry fee for adults is required. Children, twelve years of age and younger, are admitted to the park for free.
For more information about Colorado Bend State Park, visit Texas Parks and Wildlife – Colorado Bend State Park today.

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