Copper Breaks State Park

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Copper Breaks State Park is a place with a long history. For more than 150 years the Comanches followed a nomadic lifestyle hunting bison and raiding nearby areas. While the hunting, raiding, and mining has seized, there is still plenty to attract outdoor enthusiasts to this area. A ten mile trail system gives hikers, runners, and bikers the opportunity to explore the scenic backcountry of the park. After a long day in the wild, visitors can enjoy a cool down swim in the 60 acre lake.

The park is located between Quanah and Crowell off of State Highway 6, north of Abilene near the Red River. During spring and summer the park will attract more people. However, due to the remote location visitors should find plenty of primitive and developed campgrounds available throughout the year.


Mountain Biking

The national off-road triathlon series (“XTERRA”) made a couple stops at this park. This is a nice trail system, offering a wide variety of terrain to satisfy all levels. The reddish cliffs make for some fun and “groovy” riding with very little climbing.  Due to the West Texas terrain riders should use slime tubes and carry an extra tube just in case the tires pick up thorns. The ride is exposed to the sun at all times so riders should take extra water and remember to apply sunscreen.


Hikers can enjoy a well-marked trail with great views of the Pease River, Lake Copper Breaks, rock formations, soil deposits, and high view vistas. Hiking loops vary in distance so hikers can choose from several options. Bull Canyon and Rocky Ledges are two of the most popular hikes. These trails are exposed to the sun so early morning and evening hikes are recommended during the summer.


Where there is water there is life! The Pease River and the Copper Breaks area was a favorite spot for the Comanches and early Texas settlers. This remains true for visitors today. The large 60 acre Lake Copper Breaks and sandy beach offer a great place to cool down, especially after a few hours on the trails!

Know Before You Go

Copper Breaks State Park is hot in the summer so adequate preparations are essential. Packing plenty of water, repellent, and sunscreen is key. Dogs are allowed but must be on a six foot leash at all times. If drought conditions hit the park, expect the lake to be low. This might present hazardous swimming conditions so call the park ahead of time.

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