Davis Mountains State Park

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Towering over the Chihuahuan Desert of Texas are the Davis Mountains. Located only 4 miles northeast of Fort Davis, the state park that protects the wildlife and native plants invites visitors to experience the majestic landscapes of the Texas peaks and valleys. Rich in Texas history, Davis Mountains State Park offers scenic overlooks and drives, as well as after hours stargazing.



It’s northern location is perfect for summertime camping. Most days the typical Texas heat index can be felt but at night, temperatures are cool enough for comfortable overnight camping. Primitive camping offers visitors the opportunity to rest their heads in the untamed outdoors of Limpia Canyon Primitive Area. These primitive campsites have non-potable water in a horse trough and can host up to 8 visitors at a time.

Depending on visitor needs, campsites with water and picnic areas are available Outdoor amenities of non-primitive campsites include fire rings to prevent ground fires, grills and picnic tables, TV connections, 20 to 50 amp hookups and nearby restrooms. Although most visitors do not own a horse, many of them will see Equestrians carrying their guides through the mountain threading trails.

Camping is fun when done responsibly. From 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. the state park requires visitors to be quiet among the wildlife in their natural habitat – they can get agitated by noise.


Nature enthusiasts alight at the beauty of Davis Mountains State Park. Traveling over the 4 miles of hiking trails, visitors are encouraged to bring plenty of water (in non-disposable, canteens) and high SPF sunscreen. This state park has a 5,000 to 5,700 feet elevation that can be hard to adjust to for some park visitors.

Mountain Biking

Naturally, mountain biking is a popular draw for the park. Travel three miles into the vast expanse of mountains to find challenging twists and turns on your journey. Locals often exercise on the trails and visitors ride from the renovated pueblo-style Indian Lodge hotel.

Ranger Programs

Although the Fort Davis Historical Site is located nearby, the state park offers interpretive programs for visitors. Within the guided programs, nature lovers are invited to observe and photograph curve-billed thrashers, white-wing doves and rock squirrels that gather at various watering stations. Birding walks and historical programs pertinent to Fort Davis and the Davis Mountains history are weekly events held for all park visitors to enjoy.

To learn more about this park’s ranger programs, visit Texas Parks and Wildlife – Davis Mountains State Park for a calendar of events.

Know Before You Go

During wet and rainy years, Davis Mountains State Park overflows with the sights and scents of native Texas wildflowers. Although the state has suffered a drought for nearly five years, this state park still shows signs of life.

Snowfall in the mountains is typical for Davis Mountains State Park which can make camping during the winter months uncomfortable for visitors. Travelers are urged to prepare for snow and sleet when visiting during non-peak seasons. Campfire wood gathering is strictly prohibited in the park and foods can only be cooked over containerized fuel stoves.

Pets are permitted as long as they are leashed. Call the general office of the state park since prices and regulations are subject to change.

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