Kickapoo Cavern State Park

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Kickapoo Cavern State Park is one of the few places left in Texas that has gone largely untouched by human progress. Here, savannah oak and desert cacti meet the subtropical south – creating an unmatched ecosystem of plants, animals, and geologic history.

Kickapoo Cavern State Park is located 22 miles from Bracketville, TX, about .25 miles inside the Edwards County line.



Kickapoo cavern has 11 campsites with running water, 4 campsites with water, electricity, and sewer, and 5 group campsites.

All campsites contain picnic tables, cement slabs, and fire rings.

Kickapoo Cavern does not have any trash disposal so all waste must be packed out.

Hiking and Mountain Biking

While many of Kickapoo’s wonders lie below ground, there’s plenty of natural beauty to experience on the park’s scenic trails.

Since the plant-life consists mainly of ground-cover, many of the trails are exposed – leading to spectacular views of the Edwards Plateau. There are currently 14 miles of mountain biking trails.

Because Kickapoo is in an “undeveloped” state, access to trails is currently open to guided tours only.


Since the were first discovered, the caves of Kickapoo cavern have stirred great curiosity and interest.

Access and exploration of the caverns are available through guided tour reservations only. Those brave enough to enter this underworld will see some geologic features found nowhere else in Texas – including the largest natural column in the state – an 80ft speleothem.

Other spectacular mineral formations like stalactites, stalagmites, rippled flowstone, and moonmilk are just some of the unforgettable offerings on display at Kickapoo Cavern.

Bat Watching

Up to a million Free-Tailed bats roost deep within the caverns from Spring through Fall. At sunset, the air bursts with life as these amazing winged mammals stream into the night in search of insects.

Know Before You Go

Since Kickapoo Cavern is “undeveloped”, access to many of the park’s trails, caves, and other attractions require a guide or entrance permit. Unauthorized entrance to caves is strictly prohibited. Some age and health restrictions also apply.
There is no trash disposal at the park so all waste must be packed out.

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