Lake Mineral Wells State Park

Hiking Dogs Allowed

Resting peacefully in the Texas countryside is Lake Mineral Wells State Park. Originally established as a water supply source for the city of Mineral Wells, TX this park supports a thriving ecosystem of fish and winged wildlife while offering park visitors and campers plenty of room to enjoy recreational activities.

Located roughly forty-five miles west of Fort Worth, the latest addition to Lake Mineral Wells State Park is the 20-mile trailway that outlines the path of the old Union Pacific Rail line and attracts hundreds of visitors every year.



After a full day of fun, resting is imperative and can be done on the grounds of Lake Mineral Wells. Several camping options are available to overnight campers, with drinking water restrooms and trail information located at every campsite. Some camps provide overnight visitors with 30 to 50 amps of electricity (nightly rates vary).

Equestrian camping is also available for per night fee. Accommodations and reservations are made for a maximum of four people and four horses per campsite. Call park headquarters before 5pm (CST) in case of late arrival to the park for entry and campsite information.


Day hiking on the out-and-back trail of Lake Mineral Wells Park is recommended for visitors interested in wildlife observation and native Texas flora. Stretching throughout the park for approximately 5 miles, this hiking trail is an easy-to-moderate trek, peaking at a top elevation of 950 feet. Prime hiking seasons are from Fall to Spring.


Cool down or simply relax by taking a brisk swim in the lake. Once believed to have healing properties, Lake Mineral Wells provides fun for family and friends. Unsupervised lake swimming is permitted, but lifeguards are not on the premises.


Canoeing, kayaking, and row boat paddling are popular activities among Lake Mineral Wells day visitors and overnight campers. Water vessel rentals are available on the park grounds. Although leisurely water sporting activities are a few of the main reasons why locals enjoy the lake, skiing and tubing and jet skiing are prohibited.


Fishing attracts both the local and visiting crowds. Beneath the restorative water’s surface live several types of catfish, largemouth bass, crappie, and bluegill sunfish. Before visiting, review and understand the fishing rules and bag regulations as specified on the Lake Mineral Wells website.

Horseback Riding

Although mountain biking is a popular activity among park visitors, horseback riding is one of the most memorable activities Lake Mineral Wells State Park visitors participate in. Visitors and campers must bring their own horses.

Rock Climbing

Thrill seekers love scaling the rock formations in the park and are encouraged to use a healthy dose of enthusiasm, common sense and safety when climbing the ragged walls. All rock climbing visitors and campers must check in at the park headquarters and pay an activities fee. When rocks are wet, climbing is off limits to visitors and campers as the park’s trails may be closed. To ensure that climbing areas are open after 48 hours of rainfall, call (940) 328-1171.

Know Before You Go

Rich in history and chock-full of recreational options, Lake Mineral State Park embraces its roots by sharing the lake waters and native flora with Texans and out-of-town visitors.

Peak seasons for park visits are from March to mid-November. Although camping is common during summer months at the park, beware of rising temperatures during July when days quickly rise from 98 degrees to triple digits.

There is a daily entrance fee for adults. Entrance is free for children twelve years or younger. Park hours are from 6am to 10pm. Dogs are allowed in the park. Campsite fees, activity fees, and canoe | boat rental fees vary by specific experience.

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