Lake Whitney State Park


Fishing and Airplanes

Lake Whitney State Park is specially known for its annual youth fishing tournament that is held on the first Saturday of June as well as the fly-ins that are held periodically throughout the year.

Conveniently located on the shore of Lake Whitney, you can get to the park by traveling down FM 1244. At this park, you will find that the busy season never really ends. People are likely to show up during all seasons. If you want to ensure that there will be room for you, call at least two weeks in advance.



When choosing which campsite that you want, it is extremely important to find out what the advantages and disadvantages are to each one. For example, the primitive campsites may find you sleeping under airplanes that coming in for landing while the other options for camping allow you to get some rest away from the noise and lights. There are a few screened shelters, but you will definitely want to call for reservations if you expect to rent one of these.


If you are interested in taking a walk down a nature trail, you are welcome to do so on the 2 one miles trails that the park has to offer. While the park is not specifically designed for hikers, there are still some very beautiful sights offered by taking a nature walk.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is becoming more and more popular in this park. The popularity is not stemming from the huge selection of trails since there are only two. It is stemming from all of the hills and slopes that the trails have to offer. Cycling would be a great workout at this location.


Since the park is located directly on the lake, visitors are more than welcomed to take a paddle boat out on the lake. With onsite rentals, it is not a hard task finding time to just sit down and paddle away to blissful relaxation.


If you are interested in going swimming or even scuba diving, there is a place here for you as well. There is a buoyed area that is available for swimming (no lifeguards on duty) and special locations to go scuba diving. Make sure to speak to an official about proper scuba etiquette before diving in.

Know Before You Go

A few words of advice before you head out is to bring bug spray with you. Even during the late fall and late winter seasons, mosquitoes are known to swarm around large bodies of water. If you decide to bring a pet, keep it on a leash and out of buildings at all times.

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