Lockhart State Park

Hiking Dogs Allowed

Lockhart State Park caters more to those looking for a slower-paced nature experience than some of the other Texas parks. Great for families, educational opportunities or passing a leisurely day, Lockhart has a swimming pool, golf course and walking/hiking trails that are dog and kid friendly.

Less than a half hour away from San Marcos and open daily through the year, most visitors come in the spring and summer to take advantage of the pool and nine-hole golf course.



Lockhart is 263 acres in size, with a small trail network complete with marked and named trails. Expect to be able to hike about 3-5 miles without overlapping trails. While some are well-maintained walking trails, others are a little more washed out and rocky, adding a little bit of a challenge to a family hiking outing.

In keeping with its educational leanings, Lockhart’s trail system includes several signs and markers that point out local plants and wildlife.


While Clear Fork Creek runs through this state park, the main water attraction at Lockhart is the swimming pool located near the golf course and picnic area. Only $2 a day to access, it’s a popular way to cool off during the summer after a hike, especially for family members who are less inclined to golf.


Twenty campsites offer overnight guests a choice between sites with or without sewer hookups. All sights have water and electricity available, making it a good choice for families and car-campers.

No primitive, hike-in camping is available at Lockhart.


It’s impossible to talk about Lockhart without mentioning the golf course. With the only golf course that is park-operated in the entire state park system, it brings in more visitors than anything else. The par 35, 3000-yard course is open daily, and golfers are welcome to bring their own carts or rent one from the park.

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