Sun setting over a calm body of water, with silhouetted trees on the horizon and wispy clouds streaking across the sky.

Ray Roberts Lake State Park

Swimming and watersports on Lake Ray Roberts draw visitors to this state park to cool off from the Texas heat. A clean and well-maintained beach area, full-service marina, and available rentals for canoeing and kayaking make Ray Roberts Lake State Park a frequent getaway for a day trip or a weekend of camping. There are also 20 miles of hiking,

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A landscape view of a desert canyon with red rock formations under a cloudy sky, featuring sparse vegetation and distant shrub-covered terrain.

Caprock Canyons State Park

In addition to stand-by favorites like mountain biking, swimming, and trekking through rugged terrain, Caprock Canyons State Park is home to the largest herd of bison in the entire state. Even for those who never before thought, “You know what this park could use? More bison!,” watching the Texas State Bison Herd freely roam the grasslands adds a new dimension

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Caddo Lake, Texas by Alexander Hatley

Caddo Lake State Park

Bridging the northeastern gap between the Lone Star and Pelican states is Caddo Lake. This state park hosts native cypress trees, overnight camping sites and sports fishing opportunities.  A swamp plotted maze comprised of winding bayous and lakes, Caddo Lake State Park is an internationally recognized wetland. Replete with outdoor activities and accommodating cabins, this state park is a favorite

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Houston National Forest

Sam Houston National Forest

One of four National Forests in Texas, Sam Houston offers 140 miles of ecological diversity and a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities. With an abundance of miles to explore, this is a hiking and mountain biking wonderland! Two scenic areas found in the park are Big Creek and Winters Bayou. Sam Houston National Forest is located 50 miles north of

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